What we talk about when we talk about the Moon

Seasonal Beast is dedicated to developing a unique and innovative way of inspiring people about science and the natural world, through the noble Irish tradition of storytelling. The Moon has been a source of fascination and lore for as long as storytelling has existed.  Here are some of the  storytellers joining us on journey to the Moon on July 31st for our "Once In A Blue Moon" event in The Freemasons Hall, Dublin:

David Moore, Chairperson of Astronomy Ireland
David's talk, "When the Moon went Missing - How Eclipses Changed History" covers the the fascinating social and political repercussions caused by unusual celestial events in ancient times.

David Moore is Ireland's best known astronomer; writing and broadcasting on a regular basis since the 1980s. In 1990 he founded Astronomy Ireland which has grown to become the biggest astronomy society in the world relative to population with nearly 15,000 Irish people joining in its first 25 years.

Sean Duke, Science Author & Broadcaster
Sean's talk, "Why Humans Should Return to the Moon - And this Time, Stay There" is an exciting examination into the future of lunar exploration, and humanity's opportunities beyond our home planet.

Sean has been a science journalist for almost two decades, across newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online. Sean has been a science contributor to The Sunday Times, RTE, and TV3; an award-winning presenter on RTE Radio 1; editor of Science Spin magazine; and best-selling author of How Irish Scientists Changed the World (2013).

John Flannery, Astronomy Writer & Lecturer
John's talk,  "The Man in the Moon and Other Stories" will cover Moon myths, fictional voyages to the Moon, and why our near neighbour in space holds such a special allure.  

John hails from Dromineer in Co. Tipperary and works as a software engineer in Dublin. John gives regular lectures at Dunsink Observatory and contributes the notes on sky phenomena to Whitaker's Almanac. His main interests in astronomy are world sky lore, binocular observing, outreach, and the more unusual nooks and crannies of astronomical history.